Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Physio anyone

I attending my second physical therapy treatment last night. I had sufficient rest and no pain since the first treatment, so we could start deep muscle massage. Oh my it was painful. He noticed what booklet i was reading and i noticed when you talk more the pain seems to be more bareable. It's only cause you are concentrating on what to say and not concentrating so much on the pain in the calf.

We discuss the orthodontic insoles he was suggesting. I really don't want to purchase orthodotics. I will if i have to but i proceeded to ask the question, "If i lose weight, will my arches *feet* not be so flat" Doc's answer "Yes, weight has a factor on your arches and flattens them out" That wasn't his exact words he put more explaination into it, do you think i can remember it all. Yet another reason that it's time to lose this extra weight. And this is my year.

I mentioned my running the 10K in September, and he mentioned in the meanwhile i should be biking and swimming to help loose weight.

Tonight i plan on biking. It's a beautful day and hope it will be this afternoon. Hope the Shawcable setup guy doesn't take his sweeta$$ time to get to my house. I'm scheduled from 5-7. I am getting a sweet deal for 6 months.

The cable guy came at 515 but didn't finish till around 615, never did get on the bike. Boo on me. It's funny, i get a free rental for the new cable box and it has problems in receiving picture but my old box (5 years old) didn't have any troubles. So now i have to wait till tommorrow afternoon to get the new box fixed. Something to do with the cable connection. (might even be a faulty box) Good thing i have flexible hours and can work from home. I have computer access and i will work through lunch so i can meet them at my place and not miss too much work time.


Monday, April 10, 2006


When will the pain stop??

Last thursday, after talking to our soccer coach we determined my sore calves were from Shin Splints. They were in so much pain. I think i have a severe case. Friday afternoon, i was getting calf cramps bad.

The only way to treat shin splints is the RICE method. Rest Ice Compression Elevation. This weekend i had a lot of rest, elevated them whenever i could, the ice didn't happen as i did not see any swelling. From what i'm reading (on the net) I can cross train with biking and swimming. I'm still hesitant to do this but decided tonight to go to gym and bike a little. That way i'm not in the middle of the city, needing to get home with sore calves while limping, walking slowly and pushing a bike. Not my idea of a fun bike ride, hence the gym it is.

I need to purchase some new running shoes. Any suggestions, i hate trying on new shoes. I am going to Pedestrian (when i can walk without pain) the store watches/measures how you walk, and fits you with the best shoe. They have treadmills in the store so you can test out the shoes before buying.

I'm disappointed that i cannot play our last 2 soccer games, but i know if i continue to run i will further the damage.


Sunday, April 02, 2006


Soccer tourny update

The coed soccer tourny was so much fun. I love playing soccer, got to meet some ppl, and play with some talented players. And against some talented players. But my legs are so out of shape.

My calfs are killing me today. I think it all started last Monday. We had a soccer game. Tuesday i went for a short walk in boots with heels. (not a good idea). Wednesday went to the gym. Walked on threadmill for 10mins and the calves just did not loosen at all. Then had another walk with a friend and her dogs. Funny the calves weren't too sore then. Then Friday i played a soccer game and two games on Saturday. Glad i didn't have to play any more games, there would be no way i could do it.

Last night, i woke up after 2 hours of sleeping to my calfs aching in pain. Not like a cramp but a whole muscle ache. Decided that ibuprofen should be taken and finally found my A535 Cold. Applied the gel and finally after 10 mins my calfs started to feel better, and i fell back to sleep. Thank goodness.

Not looking forward to work tonight. To get to my desk; I need to climb 2 flights of stairs; about 7-8 steps each. The photocopier, fax, bathroom are all downstairs. Better make sure the ibuprofen is in supply.

Later gaters.
Going to soak in tub, ice up my calves then off to bed.

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