Monday, April 10, 2006


When will the pain stop??

Last thursday, after talking to our soccer coach we determined my sore calves were from Shin Splints. They were in so much pain. I think i have a severe case. Friday afternoon, i was getting calf cramps bad.

The only way to treat shin splints is the RICE method. Rest Ice Compression Elevation. This weekend i had a lot of rest, elevated them whenever i could, the ice didn't happen as i did not see any swelling. From what i'm reading (on the net) I can cross train with biking and swimming. I'm still hesitant to do this but decided tonight to go to gym and bike a little. That way i'm not in the middle of the city, needing to get home with sore calves while limping, walking slowly and pushing a bike. Not my idea of a fun bike ride, hence the gym it is.

I need to purchase some new running shoes. Any suggestions, i hate trying on new shoes. I am going to Pedestrian (when i can walk without pain) the store watches/measures how you walk, and fits you with the best shoe. They have treadmills in the store so you can test out the shoes before buying.

I'm disappointed that i cannot play our last 2 soccer games, but i know if i continue to run i will further the damage.


I also had severe shin splints when I ran a lot. I actually developed a cyst near my ankle because of a piece of bone that had chipped off!! It must be in our genes. The pain went away when i stopped running and switched to non impact exercises. Eliptical trainer and recumbant bike. Using a training belt in the pool is handy too. Strap it around your waist and run as hard as you can while floating upright in the water. No impact but alot of resistance. You should ice the shins regardless of what swelling you can 'see'- it will help a lot.

Good luck, I know how painful it is (advil is a godsend as it takes down more of the swelling)
Yes, injuries are dissapointing... but you are right, if you continue playing through the pain, you could do some serious, irreversible damage!

I think I too suffer from some sort of shin splints. High impact sports are bad for my poor legs. Too bad I enjoy them soo much! :(
Oh well, biking it is :)
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