Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Not so proud

I couldn't drag my sorry a$$ out of bed this morning. I was so slack this morning, i'm amazing i made it to work ontime, dresses, hairdone and awake. Well, at least i have some exercise tonight. Soccer but oh my gosh...1100 is a late game, even though i have tommorrow off i feel likes it a chore to stay up, funny how Sunday & Monday this wasn't a problem.

Guess that's how it goes...drain your body from sleep early in the week and go to bed earlier and earlier in the week. Watch Friday i'll be in bed at 7:00pm


Tuesday, March 21, 2006



After two weeks of me stating this is my training week and not coming through, i did it. Monday night i attended the cardio mixup. Step aerobics mixed with weight training. Oh i sweated, it was dripping off my face. Think i need to purchase a sweat headband.

My original plan was Tuesday to go for a run at the indoor track, but with the cardio i did Monday i opted to wait. Now i'm going to get up at early Wednesday 6:00AM head out the door to be at the gym at 630 and do some laps and some ab crunches. Guess that means i need to get organized tonight so i have lunch, clothes packed.


Sunday, March 05, 2006


My journey

This is my new blog for me to express my triumphs and drawbacks for training for a 10K.

September 2006 i will be running the Terry Fox Run 10K in my city. I start my training tommorrow. For the first while i will start with weekly exercise involving weight bearing exercise, cardio and flexibility. Closer to the event i will follow a running schedule (will post about that later)

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