Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Not so proud

I couldn't drag my sorry a$$ out of bed this morning. I was so slack this morning, i'm amazing i made it to work ontime, dresses, hairdone and awake. Well, at least i have some exercise tonight. Soccer but oh my gosh...1100 is a late game, even though i have tommorrow off i feel likes it a chore to stay up, funny how Sunday & Monday this wasn't a problem.

Guess that's how it goes...drain your body from sleep early in the week and go to bed earlier and earlier in the week. Watch Friday i'll be in bed at 7:00pm


we all have those days.
I'm proud that you have made some progress though!!!

Keep us posted on how the soccer game went!!!
Just get back at it, don't give up! One day will not spoil the benefits that your body is getting from the extra exercise. We all fall off the log at times! You're worth it!!!
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