Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Physio anyone

I attending my second physical therapy treatment last night. I had sufficient rest and no pain since the first treatment, so we could start deep muscle massage. Oh my it was painful. He noticed what booklet i was reading and i noticed when you talk more the pain seems to be more bareable. It's only cause you are concentrating on what to say and not concentrating so much on the pain in the calf.

We discuss the orthodontic insoles he was suggesting. I really don't want to purchase orthodotics. I will if i have to but i proceeded to ask the question, "If i lose weight, will my arches *feet* not be so flat" Doc's answer "Yes, weight has a factor on your arches and flattens them out" That wasn't his exact words he put more explaination into it, do you think i can remember it all. Yet another reason that it's time to lose this extra weight. And this is my year.

I mentioned my running the 10K in September, and he mentioned in the meanwhile i should be biking and swimming to help loose weight.

Tonight i plan on biking. It's a beautful day and hope it will be this afternoon. Hope the Shawcable setup guy doesn't take his sweeta$$ time to get to my house. I'm scheduled from 5-7. I am getting a sweet deal for 6 months.

The cable guy came at 515 but didn't finish till around 615, never did get on the bike. Boo on me. It's funny, i get a free rental for the new cable box and it has problems in receiving picture but my old box (5 years old) didn't have any troubles. So now i have to wait till tommorrow afternoon to get the new box fixed. Something to do with the cable connection. (might even be a faulty box) Good thing i have flexible hours and can work from home. I have computer access and i will work through lunch so i can meet them at my place and not miss too much work time.


You can always buy a bike that you can pedal at home (though the scenery isn't as great) you can do it while watching your fave shows in the evening OR listening to some cool tunes. I lost so much weight while I was prego using my stationary bike at home.
Good luck with your physio. I LOOOOOOVE deep tissue massage, even though it hurts- I love it.
Biking will be a great way to loose weight! I love spin classes, you always get such a good workout in them!

I would suggest just plan on being active for an hour a day (even if it's just walking) and you'll start to see results. It's the people that think all they have to do is go to the gym 3 times a week, and loose weight that concern me. It won't happen... unless you stop eating as well, and that's not healthy. I wouldn't suggest it!

Make small goals, and you'll start seeing results! I'm sure! :) Glad you are seeing a doctor for your pains though!
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