Saturday, September 09, 2006


Terri Fox bike ride ?~)

What you may be saying?

The Terri Fox Run is fast approaching Sept 17, 2006. I had a setback 2 weekends ago. We had our YearEnd slopitch ball tourny. I decided to play all 5 games. I did sit out some innies. The calves were so tight all weekend long. But silly me decided to play soccer the following Tuesday. Well the shin pain started Wednesday. Today they are feeling better as i've had 2 trips to the chiro where he indurred much pain on me. Did i tell you about the intense acupuncture we do? It is so painful. He uses a smaller needle and pokes my calves(front inside by the bone) 3 times in one spot to hit the right nerve. And when he does hit the right spot - youch. The pain is different in every spot. Sometime it travels other times it contracts the muscle, other times it may pinch. You may think 3 pinpokes i can do that but he continues the length of my calf. Then he moves onto the back of the calf right in the muscle. Hence why i need at least 2 treatments, if we did the back of the calf on both legs i would not be able to drive.

The only time available for my first appointment was 9:00 Thursday morning. My coworkers were quite concerned noticing that i couldn't walk/limping badly. After my treatments my muscles contract and tighen immediately. It wasn't till 12:00 that i could finally walk normally. My legs felt so good that i was tempted to play soccer that night. Hell like i would, knowing i would have to indur the acupuncture pain again. My second appointment was this Wednesday and suprising enought i missed my scheduled appointment. Funny how my mind let that happen hehe. But silly me make it for later that day at 3:30. We worked on my right calf this time and oh how i wished i got someone to drive me. The 20 min drive back to work was killer. I had to travel through construction too so that meant a lot of moving the foot back and forth between pedals. At 5:00 i didn't want to drive the 5 mins home, it was painful again.

Well to get back to the Terri Fox Run. I decided to bike ride it this year. I haven't really trained much on the bike at all this year either but biking does not hinder my shins and doesn't use the calves as much.

Wish me luck Next Sunday.


Wow! It sure sounds like you are experiencing some severe calve discomfort! I hope the acupuncture is making a difference! (I've never tried it!)

So, you run in 2 weeks? Congrats then! And Good Luck with the rest of your training. (Bike training is the best way to go! Soccer is going to be really hard on your shins and calves!)

Talk to you soon!
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