Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The day has come and gone

The Terri Fox run was a no go.

I really was not ready.

The rain didn't help my motivation. Did i mention it rained from Wednesday to Sat/Sun last week. On Sunday i woke up and felt like staying indoors. I didn't go to Mass ("Worship"). Got busy working on slopitch accounting books and lost track of time. I then looked at clock. Time was 11:00. The time the race was starting. Too late now. It didn't look like it rained at all on Sunday. but i don't know cause i didn't leave my apt. As you know, I was planning on biking but that meant having my cousin pick up my bike with her truck and leaving it overnight at her house. She lives near the racesite, so i could have biked the 5 minutes to the racesite Sunday morning.

I regret not even going to the race but i know it's an annual event for me. next year i will run 10K and i will be 125lbs...what size is that? 6 or 8

Also sounds like there is another walk for Cancer. It is Oct 1 and is the Hope walk for Cancer. 5K I might attend. As long as i continue on my exercise plan, i should feel alright to go. Now to continue my shin exercises. MammaBear also gave me a Kelloggs "Core Strength & Flexibility" pilates cd. That is tommorrow mornings goal.


You could have TOTALLY ridden 10K in the rain! That sucks that you didn't get to even see the race :( Did you have to take pledges? or is it just a volunteer thing?

Sounds like this "Spark People" site might be the motivation you need to achieve your health goals! I wish you lots of luck to stay on track.
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