Thursday, June 29, 2006


It's a game of patience

Well doctor i suck at this game. When to physio today. I really want to get back at soccer but he doesn't know if i'm ready yet. After him advising me again playing soccer tonight, i decided to go and test them out. We were playing in the new indoor full size soccer pitches. Thought the floor (recycled rubber material & other stuff) would actually have some give as opposed to the dirt ground.

Must say they felt okay when i was playing, except for the insoles and the raising of my heel. I got a blister on my right foot.

Friday is another story the shins are sore, well actually the whole body is sore. I haven't done this much activity in a long time.

I did enjoy the soccer game last night, i am out of shape. But i learnt my lesson, they aren't ready yet. I'm going to have to continue to play the game of patience longer and not be tempted to play soccer or ball.
Now, I'm going to relax the shins over the long weekend. Then continue with the 20 min run/walk every second day. In 4 weeks time i go see him again. If the running isn't aggrevating the shins then we will start with jumping and cutting exercises.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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